Farmville Hack

Game Description
The player starts the game, with the new board with the dimensions 12 × 12 boxes (each box, you can sow one kind of seed). Six field is plowed. On two of them were planted strawberries, the next two - eggplant, and the last two are left at the disposal of the player. By harvest their crops and sowing seed money and the player gains experience points.
Types Money
In the game, there are two kinds of money - coins (called Farm Coins) and notes (Farm Cash). The primary means of payment are coins - in which the player receives payment for the harvested and can not buy most of the items in the store. The notes are mainly used to purchase items from a series of limited editions and fuel for vehicles. Each player receives one bill after reaching the next level.
Notes and coins can be purchased for real money. Zynga has the option of paying by credit card (for the 25 currencies, including PLN) through PayPal (only USD) or so. Facebook credit (for which, in turn, can pay by credit card).
Experience points and levels of play
Most of the activities carried out on the farm is called winning. experience points (XP). Obtaining a total score allows you to jump to the next level. Thanks to achieve the next level player gets the opportunity to purchase another - so far blocked - items from the store.
In Game FarmVille players can collaborate with your friends on Facebook, by adding them as neighbors (called neighbors). Co-operation is to carry out a neighborhood of small tasks on the farm neighbors (eg shoveling fallen leaves, fertilizing the fields, feeding the chickens). For the execution of these activities receive coins and experience points.
Having a sufficient number of neighbors also unlocks the ability to purchase the coins selected items from the store (such as a barn or the ability to increase the size of the board). In the absence of the required number of neighbors can be purchased the notes.
The player has the ability to send your friends from Facebook free gifts (ie free gifts). These are both items available in the store, as well as those who buy in the store can not. Subjects include animals (such as goose, cattle, rabbit), trees (eg avocado, carambola, durian) and decorations (eg fence, bubble milk, grass tufts).
Shop (called market) is one of the most important elements of the game. This is where the player can earn money to buy the seeds of several species of vegetables, fruits and flowers, several species of trees and animals, buildings, decorations, vehicles with fuel to them. Most of the items can be purchased for coins, some - only the notes.
From time to time some contents of the store is changing - new items are added and removed the old ones.
Items occasional and limited series [edit]
Sometimes they are placed in stock items occasionally - for example, related to Hallowe'en and Christmas. You can also purchase items only available for a short period of time (eg some species of animals, decorations). The majority of these items pay bills.
Increasing the size of the board
In the shop you can also buy the possibility of increasing the size of the board (available sizes: 14 × 14, 16 × 16, 18 × 18, 20 × 20, 22 × 22, 24 × 24, 26 × 26 and 28 × 28). If you have the required number of neighbors can pay for this operation coins, otherwise - banknotes.
Sowing and harvesting of the fields is done by three clicks on each field (planting, gathering, plowing). In order to accelerate these activities, you can shop to buy special vehicles - tractor to plow, seeder sowing and harvesting forage. Each of these items at the same time supports the four fields (except for vehicles with Hot Rod series that support the 9 fields). Their action is necessary to fuel that is normally available in stock for notes.
Functional Buildings
Some of the buildings and structures in the game in addition to decorative functions, also serve a utilitarian function. These are: a barn, a shed for tools, barn, stable, shed and garden shed, etc.

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