Dragon City Hack

Game Description
Nice little dragons under your eyes go a metamorphosis and will soon be beautiful, powerful creatures, which will give the command.
Each dragon needs its own enclosure. Therefore, first build the first zagródkę and to put the first egg hatchery, which hatch a small dragon. Now keep an eye out and feed it to grown up adult. You need to know that dragons are very voracious creatures, so it will be difficult to keep up with satisfying their appetites. Therefore, you need to build as many farms as possible in order to have constant access to fresh products, which wykarmisz all your local citizens dragon.
Among the objects which we can build, you can find various types of mainly farm produce many kinds of food (each dragon has its preferences), decorative objects, etc. At higher levels, we get access to the dragon's market where we can sell and exchange with other adults individuals. One of the major tabs in the menu Build (build) is the designated word Eggs (eggs) - Here you select the type of eggs that you want to buy, and which when inserted into the hatchery hatch a new resident of the city.

 Instruction for using this Cheat 
1.Downloads Hack 
2.Open Cheat 
3.Press GO!

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  6. wow nice dragon city i like ittt

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