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Game Description
The Ville game to the next in a series of "Ville" game from Zynga, the studio that this time is all about home decorating and interpersonal relations, "the life sim". Players take the role here at the common man, not necessarily gender and name have to reflect our reality. Our task is to build a house and entering various personal relationships with its neighbors. We also need to collect coins and points of happiness in order to be able to successfully expand our house from time to time. There's no denying that The Ville game is very similar to the production at EA The Sims Social, but still, it is not a clone out there, you'll see this in the game, but the similarities are so striking that no way did not mention.

For starters let's look in The Ville function of Talk, where you can place the status short of what we are doing now, which will see our neighbors. Of course, anyone can comment on it and click on Take the "I like it." We can also make friends with people whom we do not have friends on facebook, it's a good and useful feature, because in this way we can play with others, and in addition they do not clutter the table for us fejsie messages like "accomplished ..." which can be really annoying.
Our main goal in The Ville is just being happy. Our rate of Happiness filled when interacting with friends, eating, sleeping, watching TV, or the use of other daily distractions. In turn, our happiness also affects the work also helps to find the best. Speaking of work, it is worth mentioning the coins, which are used to purchase our home decoration, furniture, etc.

Instruction for using this Cheat
1.Downloads Hack
2.Open Cheat 
3.Press Start

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