The Sims Social Hack

Game Description
The Sims Social is a scene of one of the most popular series in the history of video games for users of social networking site Facebook. Is responsible for the production of Playfish studio, specializing in browser based games.
As in other parts of the series, The Sims Social create your own hero with extensive character editor. Select the type of personality, facial features and clothing, and then take control of their daily lives. This time, however, we enter into primarily interact with your Facebook friends Sims.
The main objective of the player is to keep the main character in the best mood, which is expressed through the six indicators. These are respectively: relationships with other Sims, entertainment, eating, hygiene, physiological needs and drowsiness. After some time, the level of each of them begins to fall, and then the task of the player as soon as possible to improve their status by commissioning a hero performing the relevant activities.
In The Sims Social have a chance to make a virtual visit neighbors' affairs, develop talent and build a house, which has always wanted. Most aspects of the game is well known to fans of the cycle, so at first contact with the title, they will feel right at home. Improvements and modifications are associated primarily with the Facebook social networking capabilities - so we can send invites and messages, and use other features specially designed by the creators of the game.

Instruction for using this Cheat   
1.Downloads Hack   
2.Open Cheat   
3.Press Start!

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